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                  Donwei Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.
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                  Donwei Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.
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                  2020/10/22 Hot-Fix Crystal Applicator Wand 2020/10/22 W-XtzXggWMc
                  ● Compact and cordless design. ● Apply Hot-Fix embellishments to jeans, veils, headpieces, wedding dress, shoes, quilting and home decor items. ● With a 4mm flat tip for working with any size of Hot-Fix embellishments. ● Applicator heats up in about 30 seconds. more
                  2020/10/22 Automatic Spool Knitter 2020/10/22 CwH_sv0YcDA
                  ● Making terrific looped scarves, necklaces, belts, bracelets with ease and fun. ● Ideal for fringe, jewelry, knots, straps, applique, scrapbooking. ● Craft DIY. more
                  2020/10/22 Felting Needle & Felting Needle Refills 2020/10/22 bclec6CLgPE
                  ● Take less effort to accomplish your felting projects by Sew Mate spring action felting needle. ● Holds 7 needles for quicker and better felting effect in just a few seconds. ● Ideal for attaching appplique to knits and many garments. more
                  2020/10/22 Punch Needle Set 2020/10/22 stzHNh1jX0Y
                  ● Needle punching is an easy and unique craft technique that can be used in all to different kinds of applications. ● Quilts, Purses, Cushion Covers, Towels, Table Cloths, Place-mats , Table Runners, Totes, Wall hangings and more than you can imagine. ● Includes large, medium, and fine needle for stitching with ribbon, floss or yarn. more