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                  Donwei Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.
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                  Donwei Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.

                  Stylus Heavy Duty Craft Knife

                  Stylus Heavy Duty Craft Knife

                  Brand: Xsor

                  Item No.: C-620

                  ● Rubber Stamping, Paper, Leather, EVA Foam, and PU Foam. ● Ergonomic handle and sharp blade provide perfect precision for every job. ● Good for making flat and 3D paper carving, as well as for creating all kinds of crafts. ● It is the perfect tool for studio and home. ● Soft grip is specially designed for long time cutting with ease. ● 5 spare blades included.

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                  Stylus Heavy Duty Craft Knife; 154x18mm; with 5pcs Spare Blades & safety cap


                  Stylus Heavy Duty Craft Knife