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                  Donwei Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.
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                  Donwei Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.

                  Bobbin Box (172336(B)) & Bobbin Clip

                  Bobbin Box (172336(B)) & Bobbin Clip

                  Brand: SewMate

                  Item No.: BB-25-T(B)(BC)

                  ● Elastic bobbin clips which are easy to use. ● Suitable for most bobbin types. ● Clip on prewound bobbins to cover the end of threads. No more knotting, unwinding or messing threads. ● Help to classify your prewound bobbins and find the color you need quickly.

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                  Item no.DescriptionUnitPackageG.W.Cu'ft
                  BB-25-T(B)(BC)25 bobbins〔172336(B)〕; Threader(DW-WB300) x 1pce, with Bobbin Clips 10 pcsbox18/108 2.23'

                  Bobbin Box (172336(B)) & Bobbin Clip